Contact A Discrimination Lawyer Springfield MA If You’ve Been Discriminated Against

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Lawyers

Discrimination against an employee occurs whenever an employee receives unfair or unequal treatment that is not related to their performance on the job. Unfair treatment must be related to their religion, a disability, sexual orientation, race, national origin or gender. It is against federal and state laws to discriminate against individuals in these protected classes. If someone’s been treated unfairly due to any of these areas, they should contact a Discrimination Lawyer Springfield MA immediately to discuss their case. It’s very important the individual writes down the dates, times and places the incidences occurred.

Any correspondence that substantiates their case should also be kept by the employee and a list of individual’s that have witnessed any of the incidences. It is not recommended to keep correspondence that substantiates their claim in their email at work or on their computer at work. They should keep a paper record at their home and not in their place of employment. This is very important in the event they should be terminated from their employment and no longer have access to the information saved on a computer or in a desk.

One example of discrimination is when an employer places more stringent rules on an individual that is disabled. If an individual applies for reasonable accommodations due to their disability to obtain a flexible schedule and the employer denies the request, this could be discrimination. If other employees have a flexible schedule and the individual who is disabled is denied, the employer would have to show undue hardship as to why the disabled individual is not permitted to do the same thing other employees are doing. Click here for more details about the professional discrimination lawyer in Springfield, MA.

If an individual is terminated after an employer learns of their sexual orientation when there has not been any performance problems or violation of company rules, this could be deemed discrimination. Whatever the case may be, it’s always important to speak with a Discrimination Lawyer Springfield MA to obtain the necessary legal information. An individual could gain their job back or collect earnings they were denied through an employer. For more information on discrimination in the workplace, please feel free to visit us website.