Consult a Slip and Fall Attorney in Ottawa County to Learn the Truth Behind the Myth

From a slippery sidewalk to a wet floor, a slip and fall accident is behind many personal injury suits. Most people know of someone who has slipped and fallen in a public place, and because there are so many different stories, it can be difficult to tell the truth from fiction. To help, below are some common myths concerning slip and fall cases, as well as the facts behind the tall tales.

Slip and Fall Cases Can’t be Litigated

Some people think they are just accident prone, and that they have to stay at home to avoid all risk. However, if a person is hurt because of a slip and fall on someone else’s negligently maintained premises, they may have a legitimate claim.

A Sign Prevents a Lawsuit

It is still possible to sue if there is a warning sign. While the signage may make it harder to document the premises owner’s negligence, it does not by itself keep a victim from filing a slip and fall claim.

Only Physical Injuries are Compensate

Some injuries are minor, but some can be so severe that they cause social and psychological as well as physical harm. Missed work and medical bills are one matter, but loss of quality of life or marital companionship is another. If a victim has suffered such losses, they and a there may be able to make a recovery after a slip and fall.

All the Evidence Rests With the Defense

A victim may think that they need to leave evidence of the incident on the premises, but that is not always the case. Certain physical evidence belonging to a plaintiff may support a claim, and an attorney can help a client determine which evidence is important.

Victims Don’t Have to File Immediately

While technically true, it is partially false. Personal injury suits come with time limits, and in most cases, the clock starts ticking on the date of the injury. In most jurisdictions, the statute of limitations only allows victims two years to sue a negligent premises owner. These laws vary by location, and those considering suing should consult a Slip And Fall Attorney in Ottawa County with and to discuss the case.

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