The Basics Of Trademark Registration In The UAE

In the UAE, as well as around the world, having a trademark is an important way to protect not just your business but your brand. The purpose of a trademark is to uniquely identify it with a specific business, preventing others from using your branding for their marketing.

The Law

As defined by the UAE Federal Law No (37), which was established in 1992, there are different components that can form a trademark. It can include names, words, figures, graphics, signatures, seals, pictures, patterns and many other types of marks. In addition, if a particular voice is used in a trademark, it can also be considered to be a component of the trademark.

There are also things that cannot be trademarked. These include items that are general use, such as common use signs or pictures, religious systems, other trademarks, third party pictures without consent and even education or professional designations that have not been earned.

Additionally, trademarks cannot have specifically prohibited wording, contain national or foreign medals or bank notes or that copy or attempt to copy other national or international trademarks.

The Process

All trademarks are managed by the Ministry of Economy. Registering a trademark in the UAE will result in registration in all seven emirates without the need for separate applications.

It is important to obtain and complete the application, not omitting any required information or documentation. Once the application is submitted to the Ministry, there will also be an announcement placed in two Arabic newspapers by the applicant with information about the proposed trademark.

For thirty days anyone can dispute the registration of the trademark by email or by registered mail to the Ministry. The Ministry will provide this objection to the applicant within 15 days, and the applicant can provide additional documentation.

When it is approved, a trademark in the UAE will be valid for ten years. A certificate will be provided to the trademark owner listing how the trademark can be used. For more information, visit our website

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