Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood, FL Can Help Victims Use Social Media Responsibly

After an auto accident, it’s natural for a victim to reach out to family and friends for help and emotional support. However, when victims discuss accidents on social media, they make public statements that the defense may use to undermine the claim. Instead of taking to social media, victims should consult Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL to get started on a claim. Below are several ways social media can damage an auto accident claim.

A Victim’s Activities Can be Used to Minimize the Extent of Their Injuries

Social media posts showing accident victims gardening, working out, or on vacation can be used to prove that their injuries aren’t as bad as claimed. Even if a person has to grit their teeth to get through these activities, social media photos can make it seem as if they’re exaggerating their injuries.

Comments May Be Seen as Admissions of Fault

It’s often difficult to determine fault in an auto accident. A person’s offhand comments, such as “I never saw it coming,” can be construed by defense lawyers and insurance adjusters as an admission of fault even when the person isn’t legally responsible for the collision.

Over-Posting Refutes Claims of Emotional Distress

Auto accidents are frightening experiences, and the emotional and physical trauma of severe injuries is devastating. However, if a victim participates in social media as if nothing happened, the other party’s insurer may allege that the victim is exaggerating their pain and suffering.

Discussing the Case Negates the Confidentiality of Information

When a person shares information about an accident online, it becomes part of the public record. Any protections, such as those afforded during talks with Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL, are no longer applicable. An auto accident may involve sensitive financial and medical data, which is why victims should keep new developments to themselves.

Consult an Auto Accident Lawyer for Advice on Safe Social Media Use

At the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A., the team of experienced auto accident lawyers is focused on protecting clients’ legal rights while helping them get the compensation they need and deserve. Visit the website for more details or call today to schedule a consultation.

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