Ask a Lawyer These Questions After a Truck Accident

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Law Firm

Individuals who have been in an accident with a truck often face serious injuries, time away from work, and expensive medical bills. Getting legal help from a trucking accidents attorney in New Jersey may be what is needed to help them get the compensation they deserve. Here are a few questions to ask a lawyer after a crash with a truck.

It is important to determine who is responsible for the crash. There may be obvious situations that prove that the truck driver was responsible. What may also be true is that the employer of the truck driver is responsible as well. It is important for a trucking accidents attorney in New Jersey to do a thorough investigation.

Find out what damages you can recover. There are likely extensive monetary losses that have been experienced because of the crash. A few of the damages that may be covered include lost wages from work, car repair costs, medical bills, and emotional distress. Your lawyer will be able to examine your case and help value the case.

It is important to only work with attorneys who have dealt with truck crashes before. Experienced attorneys know how to build a case to protect your rights. For example, they know to look at the maintenance history of the truck, the driver’s rest logs, and other data that may be available to support your case.

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