Agencies Providing County Bonds in Del City Help Low-Income Defendants With Pretrial Release

Low-income men and women are exceptionally aware of how many aspects of life come down to money. Being unable to pay cash bail is just one example. Without the option of obtaining County Bonds in Del City, these defendants would have to wait behind bars before the case ends, often for a lengthy time.

Bail: A Significant Problem

Many social organizations strongly advocate for the elimination of cash bail, seeing it as an urgent problem. Hundreds of thousands of men and women cannot get out of jail even though they have never been found guilty of a crime. These advocates view the system as unjust since it so strongly favors people with hefty bank accounts and discriminates against those who have very little. Defendants find their lives are effectively destroyed when they have to stay in jail for many weeks, unable to go to work or care for their children.

Alarming Statistics

The U.S. Department of Justice reports that more than 60 percent of people in jail are there because they cannot afford bail after being charged with nonviolent offenses. They are not transferred to a prison, but nevertheless must remain incarcerated until the case ends. Several states do not have bail bonding agencies.

These defendants might have been arrested for any number of nonviolent crimes, and they have not yet been found guilty or admitted to the offense. They are glad when they can receive assistance from an organization such as Advise Bail Bonds.

An Alternative to Bail

The process of paying bail goes all the way back to the nation’s beginnings, as this was an aspect of the justice system in England. Families and close friends tried to come up with enough cash to secure their loved one’s release. Now, County Bonds in Del City provide another option. One of those individuals can arrange for the person’s release by applying for a surety bond to be posted in place of bail. Help Is Only A Phone Call Away. There is a fee for the service that is not refundable, but a large number of people find this to be the only way out.

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