After a Car Accident, Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm in New London, CT

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

Car accidents are far too common. There are thousands of accidents every year that result in injuries and property damage. Many of these are due to negligent driving and end up leaving the victim suffering from long-term injuries and serious property damage. When a car accident occurs, the victim should contact emergency services immediately, followed by a call to a local personal injury law firm in New London, CT. Calling a lawyer right away is the best way to help ensure that fair and reasonable compensation. In some cases, the responsible party will pay for the damages suffered by the victim, resulting in a painless remedy to a serious problem. Unfortunately, sometimes the responsible party or their insurance provider feel they don’t need to offer a fair and reasonable compensation.

There are a few things a victim should do to protect themselves after an accident in order to prevent considerable loss and save time. The only person the victim should talk to is the lawyer they hired to represent them. Other attorneys might approach the victim and attempt to take a statement. All it takes is a single statement to leave the victim ineligible for compensation. This usually happens because the victim is disoriented and unable to provide accurate information. It’s also important not to accept any kind of settlement offer until all injuries and property damage have been fully evaluated. Part of what determines the value of a case is the amount of damage suffered to property and the extent of the injuries suffered.

Victims who have suffered injuries or property damage can look online for more information. Sites such as website are a great resource for victims who haven’t retained a lawyer yet. Details about what kind of actions to take and how to get started filing for legal action can be found, as well as contact information to schedule a consultation. Service providers such as Stephen M. Reck are happy to help victims understand their rights and fight for fair and reasonable compensation. Victims will need to take action as quickly as possible, so contacting an attorney right away is very important.