A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Mobile AL Will Protect Your Legal Rights

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Lawyers

When an employee is injured on the job, they should be covered by workers compensation insurance. Employees are usually concerned about losing their job if they report an injury or illness due to their employment. It is important to contact a supervisor as soon as you’re injured on and the job and to seek medical treatment immediately. Failure to receive medical treatment quickly could result in the denial of a claim. A Workers Compensation lawyer in Mobile AL can help a worker through the process of filing for benefits and obtaining the financial compensation they deserve for the injuries they’ve received.

When an employer decides to decline responsibility for the injury that was received, a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Mobile AL can begin the legal process to obtain the money that is owed to an employee. The first three days of an injury is not payable for temporary or permanent disability. If the employee does not return to work after 21 days, the first three days of lost work will be paid. A workers compensation claim must be filed within two years of the injury occurring.

An employer is responsible for paying the medical bills of an injured employee. An injured employee must also comply with any reasonable request in regards to a physical examination by a physician chosen by the company. If an injured employee does not comply with physical therapy treatment their employer provides, their claim may be denied until they participate. Employers will deny a claim to save money. Although their insurance company is paying the claim, they do not want their insurance rates to increase. They may attempt to pay the employee in a different fashion or force them to use their regular medical benefits.

It is recommended that an employee Contact Gene T. Moore if they’ve been injured on the job. Injured workers are entitled to a portion of their pay as well as medical benefits. If an employee is unable to return to their previous position or is permanently disabled, they will need the legal assistance he can offer. Some claims can receive disability indefinitely and others have a limit. Speaking with an attorney will make the complicated law easier to understand for a worker.