A Quick Review of Veterans Benefits That You May Not Have Heard Of

Many veterans need help after serving in the military. The type of help can vary depending on each person’s unique situation. The good news is that the VA provides some much-needed services to veterans. It is important to understand what is offered before trying to apply. Take a look at some of the lesser-known programs that veterans benefits lawyers in Pennsylvania can help you with.

Benefits for Elderly Veterans

As an older veteran, there are some special programs designed to help you. If you receive a pension, you can also get Aid and Attendance. This is an additional amount to your pension that covers the costs of daily living. These funds may be used to help with nursing home costs, to pay an assistant or to assist those with limited eyesight. In essence, you must be housebound to meet the qualifications. Speak with veterans’ benefits lawyers in Pennsylvania if you have more questions.

Health Care Assistance for Elderly Veterans

Some elderly veterans need a little more help than others. For example, some veterans require assistance with geriatric care. The VA will provide you with access to programs for long term care facilities. This is a great option for veterans that may be lacking family support or other means of living independently. You can apply for this type of benefit just as you would with any other veterans’ benefits.

To get assistance with the veteran’s benefits process, contact a legal team that has your best interests in mind. You can reach Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices by visiting them online today.

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