A Family Law Attorney in Mankato, MN Can Assist During the Mediation Process

Couples are increasingly using divorce mediation as an option. For many, it is easier than hiring a lawyer and going to court. During mediation, boht parties can discuss divorce terms in a non-adversarial way, and mediators ensure the negotiations occur in a smooth, stress-free environment. As with any legal proceeding, though, there are things to consider before starting.

Not All Mediators Are the Same

Every mediator’s style is different, and they may differ in how sessions are conducted. A party may not feel comfortable with a particular mediator, which is why they should interview different mediators before making a choice. Most firms provide free consultations that give parties the chance to meet the mediator before making a commitment.

Mediation Is Less Expensive Than Litigation

A family law attorney in Mankato, MN has a limited role in mediation, which means the charges are much lower than those in litigation are. Mediation can cost up to $7000 where a court case may cost upwards of $25,000 or more. While mediation is less expensive than court, it still makes sense to consult a local attorney.

A Mediated Divorce Can Redefine a Couple’s Relationship

It is daunting to consider negotiating a divorce because of the negative emotions associated with the process, but mediation allows parties to take control and ask for what they want. A mediator is there to make the process easier and to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Even if the marriage was one-sided, mediation will not be, and the new-found balance can lay the groundwork for a successful co-parenting relationship.

Mediation Is Confidential

Occurrences during mediation sessions stay between the mediator and the involved parties. Sensitive information is never disclosed to outsiders and, unlike litigation, there is no public record of sessions. Each side is required to sign an agreement to guarantee everyone’s privacy.

The team at Blatzlawminnesota.com can help couples get through a divorce even if they believe the spousal relationship is damaged beyond repair. A local mediator is there to listen and to help parties reach a resolution that’s fair to both sides. Call a family law attorney in Mankato, MN to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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