A DWI Attorney in Salisbury, MD Explores the BAC Chart – and the Reality – in a DWI/DUI Arrest

The television show Parks & Recreation has a humorous bit that highlights stopping a character from potentially driving while under the influence. Ron Swanson is a notorious whiskey fanatic, known to hold his liquor comically well, but one character stops him from driving by sitting on the car and reading BAC report numbers.

The humor comes from the fact that Ron Swanson is, indeed, completely sober, despite the report chart indicating that he should not be. This does acknowledge a valuable point. Everyone handles alcohol differently. The BAC and weight chart is a worthwhile guide, and should be respected while getting a grip on alcohol tolerance. However, it is by no means the end-all be-all guide for alcohol tolerance, and it absolutely does not dictate the ramifications of legal matters.

For example, a driver may say that they had two drinks prior to driving. Two drinks at 120 pounds may indicate a BAC of about .09. Based on this presumption, a cop may insist on arresting an individual. They may cite some other matter for the arrest, such as reckless driving or harassment of an officer. The officer is taking the driver based on what they expect to be the case. Two drinks. 120 pounds. It is over the limit.

The driver may have only answered the question because they were coerced repeatedly. There is nothing illegal about having two drinks prior to a drive if the BAC is below a certain amount. Drivers should always know their limit and stay away from it. But an officer can choose to make an arrest based on what they want to believe, and that could lead to calling on a DWI attorney in Salisbury, MD.

Ron Swanson may smell like alcohol. He may have drank a bottle of whiskey, and the chart may indicate a blood-alcohol level of 2 based on his weight. But, the only thing that matters is the test results (and even these can prove fallible). Assumptions based on an expected BAC level can seriously steer the conversation in the wrong direction. A DUI and DWI attorney in Salisbury, MD will look at the full picture, especially one that involves a close reading and assumptions made by cops in the arrest. Drivers arrested for a suspected case should visit website for more.

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