A DUI Attorney in Cincinnati, OH: How They Can Defend You

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Lawyers

It’s not surprising that driving under the influence is looked upon rather poorly, not only by society as a whole, but by law enforcement as well. In fact, many states have gone to great lengths to discourage this practice. There are public service announcements disheartening drinking and driving, there are frequent traffic checks during holidays where drinking is more prolific, and there are increasing punishments for being found guilty of driving while intoxicated. However, if a person has been charged with DUI, whatever the reasons may be surrounding the situation, there are times when the services of a DUI attorney in Cincinnati, OH are essential.

For many people, being charged with DUI seems like an open and shut case. The fact is that many DUI cases are exactly that. In situations where a person is a repeat offender, or someone was injured due to a person driving under the influence, representation from a DUI attorney is something that the person charged with DUI needs to seriously consider. The fact is that there are many ways in which an attorney can defend the client who’s been charged with DUI whose case seems to be open and shut.

In some cases, the attorney will simply be on damage control. All they can do with the amount of evidence against their client is to try to put them in the best possible light to the courts. This is typically a move to convince the courts to show leniency when sentencing their client.

However, there are times where a DUI attorney can effectively have the case dismissed. Some attorneys can argue that law enforcement had no reasonable suspicion and therefore had no right to pull a person over, which potentially lead to a DUI charge. There are also more arguments against the fairness of field sobriety tests, which could be called into question.

No DUI attorney in Cincinnati, OH will promise their client that they can have the charges dismissed. Every case is different and the evidence in those cases, as well is the manner in which the evidence was collected, will determine the outcome of the case. Regardless, if you are facing a DUI charge it’s best to have legal representation. Visit website, check out the services this law firm offers, and you can see if this is the right legal firm for your needs.

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