A Driver Can Prove That They Are Innocent With The Help Of An Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL

Vehicular accidents often occur when roadways are congested or if one or more drivers has become distracted. Soon after an accident occurs, it is vital to report the incident to a local law enforcement agency and an insurance provider. The steps that follow will protect an innocent driver from being held liable for an accident that was the fault of someone else.

Call An Emergency Dispatcher And Report The Incident

If an individual was injured during an accident, they should refrain from exiting their vehicle unless they are able to receive assistance from another motorist. An emergency dispatcher should be contacted so that any injuries can be assessed and treated at a local hospital. If an injury did not occur and a driver can safely exit their vehicle, they should approach the driver who initiated the accident.

One of the people who were involved in the collision can call a police department to request that an officer meets them at the scene of the accident. A description of what occurred will be obtained from each person who was involved in the incident.

Exchange Insurance Information And Seek Legal Advice

Insurance information should be exchanged between both parties. It is imperative that an insurance provider is contacted so that an insurance claim can be filed. An insurance adjuster will likely assess the condition of a vehicle that was damaged during an accident.

An insurance policy may cover some or all of the repairs. If the driver who caused the accident fails to cooperate or leaves the scene of an accident, an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL should be hired. A lawyer will research what has occurred and will attempt to prove that the person who did not cause the accident was a victim.

Acquire Witnesses And Footage

An Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL who works for the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. or a similar practice may seek additional information from witnesses of an accident. Witness statements can be presented to the judge who is reviewing a case and can support what the innocent party has stated.

Footage of the accident may be available if there are cameras located near the spot where an accident occurred. If the footage is admissible, it will provide a judge with a clear picture of what occurred so that a ruling can be made.

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