A Burn Injury Lawyer in Elizabeth, NJ Can Help Fireworks Injury Victims

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Lawyers

Fireworks displays can be dazzling, but they can also be dangerous. The power that delights audiences can cause serious injuries when fireworks companies don’t take care in manufacturing and lighting fireworks. Although large disasters aren’t common, home fireworks injuries are prevalent. Over 9,100 people are injured and four people are killed each year in fireworks accidents. Below is information on fireworks risks along with a few safety tips and an explanation of how a Burn Injury Lawyer Elizabeth NJ, can help clients prove liability in injury cases.

Fireworks Dangers

Most fireworks-related injuries are the result of consumer misuse. Common errors include improper lighting, ignition too close to other people, or lighting fireworks while holding them in the hand. Even with proper use, fireworks are explosives, and they can cause injuries. However, injuries can be magnified via design or manufacturing defects or through inadequate warnings.

Whether they are caused by product defects or improper use, fireworks injuries are devastating. Common injuries include blindness because of sparks and shrapnel, severe lacerations, and burns ranging from minor to fatal. A person injured by fireworks should call a Burn Injury Lawyer Elizabeth NJ, to learn if they have a valid claim.

Injury Prevention

Home users of fireworks can reduce injury risk by following the below safety tips.

  • Always use fireworks according to the directions, and never tamper with them.
  • Don’t let children use fireworks without competent supervision. Even sparklers burn at very high temperatures and can severely burn a child if they’re improperly used.
  • Use fireworks outdoors and away from fire hazards.
  • Don’t reignite malfunctioning or previously used fireworks.
  • Keep water nearby in case of emergency and douse any misfired or used fireworks before throwing them away.

A Victim’s Legal Rights After a Fireworks Injury

Whether a victim is a viewer at a failed fireworks show or they are the user of home fireworks, they may be able to receive damages for injuries under a variety of legal theories. An injured user can hold the fireworks company liable, charging negligence, and victims can hold sellers and manufacturers liable with a product liability suit. Even someone who incorrectly uses home fireworks can recover damages if Harrell Smith & Williiams LLC in Elizabeth NJ can document that the accident was caused by a product defect rather than the user’s own negligence. Those suffering fireworks injuries should consult a Burn Injury Lawyer Elizabeth NJ, to learn more about their legal options and potential remedies.

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