A Brooklyn, NY, Bedsore Lawyer Helps After Negligence During a Hospital Stay

A bedsore attorney in Brooklyn, NY, represents clients who developed a pressure ulcer on one or both heels during a hospital stay. Hospital staff members are supposed to place cushions on the heels to prevent these sores in bedridden patients. Patients also are supposed to be repositioned regularly. Sometimes these precautionary measures do not take place.

Pressure ulcers start to develop when circulation to the skin is compromised for several hours. This is particularly a problem for individuals who already have circulatory issues, as blood flow to the feet may be somewhat inadequate much of the time. The sores can become chronic wounds that are at significant risk of infection. Ongoing pain makes it difficult for the person to be mobile. A bedsore attorney in Brooklyn, NY, determines an amount of financial compensation that would be reasonable and sends a demand letter to the facility that was negligent.

Continued care by a chronic wound specialist may be required. A home health aide might be needed to change the special dressing usually recommended for these patients. The patient could benefit from physical or occupational therapy if mobility is a problem. Someone with a serious pressure ulcer on one or both heels may find even a small amount of walking to be challenging. A therapist can coach this patient on safely maneuvering in the bathroom and other places in the home.

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